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Why risk imitations when you can have the best!

Here are five Case Study Examples of credit repair agencies giving up and telling clients  "No, your default can't be removed"  and MyCRA Lawyers agreed to take on the client and removed the default...

Details of previous credit repair agency as directly advised by clients*

Case Study Example 1:

Defaulting Creditor:   Credit Four x 2
*Credit Repair Agency:  Sort My Credit / Aust Credit lawyers
*Period with Agency: 'several months'
Time for MyCRA Lawyers to remove: 7 days

Case Study Example 2: 

Defaulting Creditor:   CBA / Lion Finance
*Credit Repair Agency:  Credit Repair Australia
*Period with Agency: 'three months'
Time for MyCRA Lawyers to remove: 3 days

Case Study Example 3:

Defaulting Creditor:   CBA / Credit Corp
*Credit Repair Agency:  Credit fix 
*Period with Agency: 'too long'
Time for MyCRA Lawyers to remove: 4 days

Case Study Example 4:

Defaulting Creditor:   Telstra / Panthera
*Credit Repair Agency:  Sort My Credit / Aust Credit lawyers
*Period with Agency: 'months'
Time for MyCRA Lawyers to remove: 2 days

Case Study Example 5:

Defaulting Creditor:   Vodafone / Panthera
*Credit Repair Agency:  Credit Fix 
*Period with Agency: 'months'
Time for MyCRA Lawyers to remove: 12 days


Why waste your time and money with imitations when there is

only one MyCRA Specialist Credit Repair Lawyers in Australia.

Choose the best, choose MyCRA Specialist Credit Repair Lawyers

for yourself and your clients when you absolutely need your

credit rating fixed right and fixed the first time...

You'll save maney and you'll save your time!



So, if you want your default removed, removed fast, and removed

forever, remember to call MyCRA lawyers on 1300 667 218

MyCRA lawyers, the first name in dedicated legal credit repair

(since 2009)


Book in for your Initial No-Cost Discovery Appointment Now
Call 1300 667 218 or email Lawyers@MyCRALawyers.com.au

Because by the end of this initial free appointment:

  1. you'll understand the information on your credit files,
  2. you'll know your what your possibilities and options are, and
  3. you'll know if you want MyCRA Lawyers to remove your bad credit

What's your alternative?  I guess you could let the bad credit fall
off by itself after 5 years...


But Ask Yourself  if i take a risk and go with one of those agencies

to 'save a few bucks' what's it going to cost me in the long run with

time wasted, and aske your real estate agent, what's a home going 

to go up by ($) in the next 5 years?


If you choose MyCRA Lawyers to help you later, or you

choose MyCRA Lawyers to help you now, remember

to choose MyCRA Lawyers to help you...


Less than 3 weeks from first contact with these guys issues were resolved and removed. Worth the money! Great communication, great service! Means I can get on with buying a home now rather than waiting another 3 years for a listing I hadn’t even known about! Highly recommended! - David OBrien





You know you made the right the right choice and if you don't engage 

MyCRA Lawyers that you run the risk of losing everything,and you don't

want that do you?...

If you need some no cost advice, call MyCRA Lawyers today on

1300 667 218!  or


I would highly recommend MyCRA Lawyers for default removal.  Graham and his team are friendly and helpful and removed my default in a timely manner. Thanks to them I have now been able to secure a mortgage and purchase my dream property.  Thanks heaps Graham and the MyCRA team. - Rod Harker


“Poor credit means too many good people are unfairly rejected for their

home loans.    When MyCRA Lawyers fixes your poor credit, you’ll

finally be able to get your loan so you can move into your very own

family home - at the best rates possible!”

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Please Note: This website contains examples, case studies, Google Reviews, and testimonials of our happy clients talking about their successes.

I am sure you realise that every legal case, every legal file and every legal matter is unique, different, and specific to that person and their circumstances.

If we think your chances of success are low, or sometimes non-existent, we will tell you.

In fact, before we agree to take you on as a client, we must see an up-to-date copy of your Equifax or Illion credit file (preferably both) and have a one-on-one conversation with you to make sure you are fully aware of your options and risks, even if that means not dealing with MyCRA Lawyers.

Remember: past results are not a guarantee of your future success.

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