One of the lowest moments in my life...                                           

Hi Team,

It’s natural to get frustrated after doing all the legwork to help a client… 

Only to find out your prospective client’s deal is about to fall through because they’ve 
got a default. 

Yet please don’t judge them, because in many cases it’s not their fault. 

To put this into context, let me explain why I started My CRA Lawyers, and am so 
passionate about helping people with bad credit.

It all began back in 1999, when I lost $135,000.00 over a 4 month period from a ‘mate’ 
who was doing my paperwork.

And it led to one of the lowest moments in my life. 

After receiving a phone call from a creditor who I had absolutely no ability to pay, they not so 
politely asked me: 

“What sort of father are you, teaching your kids not to pay F#%$ing their bills?” 

Following this I received crappy advice from my solicitor (who was not a specialist) and went bankrupt on 1st September, 2000…

Only to discover a few months later that I didn’t need to! 

It was one of the darkest periods of my life, where I felt completely disillusioned with the process and devastated at the hand I had been dealt.

Yet there was nobody there to help.

So after starting a mortgage business, and discovering negative listings appearing on my clients credit files that shouldn’t have been there - which were actually stopping them getting a home loan at normal interest rates… 

I started MyCRA Lawyers - to support the “little guy” to get a fair go. 

And we’ve been doing exactly this for the past 12 years - since 2009... 

With the sole focus of mastering those 8000+ pages of legislation to such a degree that we 
have an independently audited 91.6% rate of removal of inconsistent or inaccurate negative data from Australian and New Zealand credit reports.

Want to know why we have over 138 reviews on Google with a 4.8* rating?

It’s easy to reach out. 

Simply call us directly on 1300 667 218

Or click here and book a time into my diary and I’ll brainstorm a plan for you and your clients. 



Graham Doessel

P.S. If you have clients who are property investors and return to get loans from 
you often, there’s a quick way to add value to them which will create more loyalty. 

I’ll explain what it is in my next email :) 


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Graham Doessel - MyCRA Lawyers' CEO


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  • Tel: 1300 667 218 | Fax: 1300 665 894
  • Suite 12, 104 Gympie Road Strathpine, QLD 4500 Australia
  • Liability Limited By A Scheme Approved Under Professional Standards Legislation

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See our 91.6% Audit Certificate HERE

Please Note: This contains examples, case studies, Google Reviews, and testimonials of our happy clients talking about their successes.

I am sure you realise that every legal case, every legal file and every legal matter is unique, different, and specific to that person and their circumstances.

If we think your chances of success are low, or sometimes non-existent, we will tell you.

In fact, before we agree to take you on as a client, we must see an up-to-date copy of your Equifax or Illion credit file (preferably both) and have a one-on-one conversation with you to make sure you are fully aware of your options and risks, even if that means not dealing with MyCRA Lawyers.

Remember: past results are not a guarantee of your future success.

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