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Hi Team,

How long does it generally take to remove a default? 

Truth is, it depends on the creditor themselves. 

For instance, the main banks can take longer because 
quite frankly… 

They just don’t care!

They’re less willing to come to the table. 

Small creditors on the other hand, like payday lenders 
and debt collectors, are a lot quicker

So ballpark, these smaller lenders take an average of 
anywhere between three to four weeks, up to eight to 
10 weeks. 

Most big banks on the other hand, take anywhere between 
one month if they’re quick. And up to four months if 
there are delays and we have to go to the Ombudsman. 

Of course, sometimes we get lucky. 

The shortest default removal resolution we ever achieved
was just 17 minutes

However out of the thousands of defaults we’ve had removed, 
I can count on one hand the number of times it’s happened 
that fast.

Yet our clients are very happy with our service, because 
we have so much experience we’ve literally broken the 
whole process down to a science. 

That’s why we have over  138 reviews on Google with
a 4.8* rating

This doesn’t happen by chance - we have an independently 
audited 91.6% rate of removal of inconsistent or inaccurate 
negative data from Australian and New Zealand credit reports. 

Like to get support for your clients?

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click here and book a time into my diary and I’ll 
brainstorm a plan to get more deals across the line for 
you and your clients.



Graham Doessel 

P.S. Ever had a default removed for your client, yet it 
hasn’t been taken off their credit file? 

What’s going on there? 

I’ll explain how it works in my next email… 




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Please Note: This contains examples, case studies, Google Reviews, and testimonials of our happy clients talking about their successes.

I am sure you realise that every legal case, every legal file and every legal matter is unique, different, and specific to that person and their circumstances.

If we think your chances of success are low, or sometimes non-existent, we will tell you.

In fact, before we agree to take you on as a client, we must see an up-to-date copy of your Equifax or Illion credit file (preferably both) and have a one-on-one conversation with you to make sure you are fully aware of your options and risks, even if that means not dealing with MyCRA Lawyers.

Remember: past results are not a guarantee of your future success.

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