Design your own payment plan & SAVE 4 limited time                    

Hi Team,

We sent you a quote recently for your 
Default listings etc.

It came from, if you can't find it
Call Us On 1300 667 218 


This Limited Time Offer Expires In:


Find & have a quick look at the quote Now because for any of your
defaults with:

1.  Credit Corp
2.  Lion Finance
3.  Pioneer Credit
4.  Baycorp
5.  Panthera Finance, or
6.  Transaction Capital

Until Friday 29th October at 4.00 pm (QLD TIME) - Your Default will be:

1.  Reduced to just $1997 each, and
2.  Available on a *payment plan* if you're feeling a bit cash strapped ATM.



How to take advantage of this limited time offer:

1.  Transfer the funds to our Trust Account, or
2.  Call us (1300 667 218) to make card payment over the phone, or
3.  Email back with your payment plan proposal 
      Initial Payment of:  $ ____
      ____ Weekly payments of $ ____




I have been through the crap that life throws at all of us too.

I went bankrupt 1st Sept 2000 because my business partner 
decided he needed my money more than I, or the business did.

In 4 months he stole $135,000 and left me hanging...

Then I got crappy advice from my lawyer and was told my only 
option was to go bankrupt.  6 months I discovered he was a crappy
lawyer and I may have had other options that he never told me about...

Since then, every business I have been involved in, I've been 
dedicated to helping good people out of bad situations, AND

We have removed so many defaults recently that I have extra capacity
which means we can make this offer before the Christmas rush starts...




We have never offered a client the opportunity to pay such a low price
and coupled it with the chance to dictate their own payment plan.

At the end of the day, MyCRA Lawyers is a business and the 
expected Christmas Rush will make us very busy and we'll have to
start limiting the number of clients we can physically take on by early
to mid November, so I can only offer this massive saving for a few people.

So, make sure you don't miss out - call MyCRA Lawyers now on
1300 667 218 for the chance to have your:

1.  Credit Corp
2.  Lion Finance
3.  Pioneer Credit
4.  Baycorp
5.  Panthera Finance
6.  Transaction Capital

 default removed in 7 to 30 days on average.


With warm regards,
MyCRA Lawyers


Graham Doessel
Chief Executive Officer

*Payment Plan* will incur a 'once only' admin fee of $300

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I am sure you realise that every legal case, every legal file and every legal matter is unique, different, and specific to that person and their circumstances.

If we think your chances of success are low, or sometimes non-existent, we will tell you.

In fact, before we agree to take you on as a client, we must see an up-to-date copy of your Equifax or Illion credit file (preferably both) and have a one-on-one conversation with you to make sure you are fully aware of your options and risks, even if that means not dealing with MyCRA Lawyers.

Remember: past results are not a guarantee of your future success.

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